Brigitte Berry

was born and raised on St. Thomas before attending university on both the East and West coasts of the United States. Now back at home, she works for a sports related non-profit, consults and manages social media personas for businesses, travels and gets in the ocean to surf, swim or dive as much as possible.

Leigh Goldman

has called St. Thomas home since 2001, working as an attorney, and loving his life. Having found himself here after Birmingham, San Diego, Atlanta, Miami, and Jerusalem, he’s decided to settle down, hike, boat, paint, sing, read, occasionally act, and engage in bouts of wanderlust. A bon vivant for all serious things, a man of action who gets far too lazy and sinks into the couch.

Laura Harwig

has lived and worked on St. Thomas for over six years. She thinks one of the greatest things about our island is its people. Originally from Virginia, Laura works for an agricultural development firm and, when not on-island, gets to travel the world helping farmers. She enjoys paddleboarding, sailing and exploring our islands' many hiking trails with her husband Bob and dog Kenya.

Kayla Joseph

was raised on St. John and returned to the Virgin Islands after attending university in North Carolina. Kayla loves being back home and works for a consulting firm. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, hiking and being on the water.